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Doctor Who: Memories of a Tyrant

After last month’s dip in quality in the Main Range, Memories of a Tyrant comes in swinging! With shades of Murder Mysteries, Film Noir and some great philosophy all put together for a belter worthy of Ol’Sixie and Peri Brown.

Being familiar with Roland Moore’s work on Survivors, you’ll understand that him writing such a well done story is a given at this point. While not as dark as Survivors obviously, Memories of a Tyrant examines some great ideas. From the setting of a place where you can see pure memories, Moore explores the fallibility of the mind and how its effects on a person can be. This is then also explored with the character of Garius Moro, someone who may or may not be a genocidal tyrant, but since he can’t remember what his life, the memory farm is used to interrogate him. I won’t go much further, but suffice it to say, Memories of a Tyrant is well worth a listen on the story alone.

However, I say that with the massive caveat that everyone in the cast is more than excellent. Our regulars, for the first time together since 2014, are the Sixth Doctor and Peri. Both Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant are better than they have ever been and this is shown from their interactions between each other as well as their separate b-plots. Bryant especially shines when she has chances to explore the character of Peri during the Memory Farm. The guest cast is stunning as well, with Joseph Mydell, Diane Keen and Sean Connolly putting in spectacular performances.

From a technical standpoint, Memories of a Tyrant might even be one of the best produced releases this year from Big Finish. The cover is immediatly invititing and exciting, with the colouring needing special mention. Lee Johnson should be especially proud of it. John Ainsworth really guides the entire team with excellent direction, whether that be the incidental music from Andy Hardwick beautifully scoring both the bombast and reflective moments throughout and Lee Adams’ sound design doing the same. Every year Big Finish are nominated for many awards, and this release is proof as to why.

I cannot stress how stunning this release is. Everything feels fresh and assured, but it retains the hallmarks of Six and Peri respectively. And while I can sing praises all day long, I will not, as I simply think that all should hear it for themselves. 10/10.

P.S. Can we get a Big Finish Original Series 2, with Roland Moore contributing an original drama of his own. Perhaps a audio noir starring Colin Baker and Alex Kingston? A man can dream.

Doctor Who: Memories of a Tyrant

Memories of a Tyrant is out now from Big Finish at


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