Announcement: Why I Won’t be Reviewing Bloodline Fully and My Alternative Process

I have to announce/explain something here. While I was able to give my halfway thoughts for Dark Shadows: Bloodline, I don’t think I will be able to do so for the full sereis now that it all has been released. This isn’t due to any quality issues, but it is because I truly cannot find a way to write my thoughts without be spoilery throughout. What I can offer is a general statement regarding the entire series as a whole, which is as follows.

A more than worthy successor to Bloodlust, Bloodline is able to weave a intricate and layered story within its 13 episode runtime without ever feeling confusing or obtuse. Having great shades of Twin Peaks, Dark Shadows continuity, and ultimatly accessiblity to those who have only experienced Dark Shadows through Big Finish, as I have. Bloodline is amazing and sets up the future of Dark Shadows at Big Finish is many appetizing ways, whether it be in Windcliff or 13, the followup miniseries, or any other unannouned stories on the way. 9/10 and highly recommended.

Dark Shadows: Bloodline Volume 02 (Episodes 7-13)

Bloodline is available to purchase from Big Finish at

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